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Returning Equipment

I moved in June, tried to return equipment to Videotron store, they told me videotron would send me details on how to return.  Never received any information, so I called.  They told me they would send me an email on how to return.  They never did.  However i kkeep getting messages on my answering machine from videotron telling me to return my equipment, with no instructions.  They only told me to come look on this forum and i cannot get any answers.


No Kidding. I returned equipment via Planete Courrier 6 weeks ago and keep getting texts and emails telling me I need to return my equipment . I confirmed by phone with customer service that I had no outstanding equipment but continue to get emails. The whole return process has been frustrating, time consuming and stressful. My worst experience as a Videotron client by far and am considering using another provider despite always telling people how efficient and helpful Videotron has been. Very disappointed and tired of this hassle.