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Internet usage


Internet usage

It is possible to find out how much internet has been used. Internet usage has not been updated on my Customer Centre since before the stay-at-home order. I need to know our usage to know if our plan is OK. I have emailed Videotron twice. How can this information be obtained given that it can't be from the Customer Centre. Is it just my account or all Videotron accounts? Thank you.

Moderator - Solution Expert

This is normal behavior, as from March 13, 2020 residential and business Internet usage is no longer calculated.

This is part of the measures applied by Videotron to facilitate telecommuting in times of crisis: https://videotron.com/residential/p/services/covid-19/A-psku13490133e

All data caps have been removed on all Residential and Business Internet plans for our customers until April 30, 2020 (please note that this does not apply to cellular data).


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