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Helix TV Terminal losing HDMI audio signal

Since the installation a few days ago, it's been working fine.

This morning I turn the TV on, there is picture, no sound.


I checked if the sound bar is on, it was.

I then checked the TV speakers, they were working.

I tried resetting the box, the TV, and checked all the wires.

Everything was ok.


I tried the TV's Smart apps to see if they had sound. 

I selected YouTube, clicked a video, and audio was now working thru the sound bar.


When I changed to the Helix TV terminal, it too was now sending audio thru the sound bar.


Sound bar uses HDMI ARC cable.  Does the Helix terminal also require an ARC port?








This is happening almost every other day.  It happened this morning again.

Soundbar is on, connected, no sound.

I changed wires.  Hard reset the soundbar.   Restarted TV, Helix, and Soundbar.

same results.  no sound from soundbar, TV speakers work.


I tried bluetooth on the sound bar from Phone, sound works.

I disconnected the soundbar for 5 minutes.  Still no sound.


I disconnect the HDMI cable on Helix, BING... Soundbar connected to TV.  Sound started working.

Why is Helix locking down the HDMI ports? 




I think that if you click on settings and change your sound to PCM.  This should work fine. Good luck and please reply to let me know how it went.

I’m not sure if this will help but I tried to go in my tv settings, and change speaker sound to PCM.  Give it a try and please let me know if it works.  Good luck.