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Cannot make an account on customer center, I have a Helix account???

I'm baffled, I have been trying to make a Customer Center account, getting message that my account isn't reconizable??  I have a Helix account and was told that the same user name and password would work on videotron customer center, it does not.  Anyone else having these issues?  I have sent out 3 emails no responses, been on the phone many times for hours NO one picks up.  




Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hi @GMoncalieri,


If you had legacy services with Videotron such as illico television and internet service or, if you are currently a Videotron mobile subscriber, you will be able to use the Customer Center. If you only have Helix services, only the My Helix Account section will be accessible to you.


So in principle, if you had services before migrating to Helix, the two accesses will be consolidated following this migration and yes, you would be able to log in the Customer Center with the same username and password as for Helix.  In some cases, it is still possible that due to some system issue both legacy and Helix account were not merged and in this case, you may need to log in with different username and password. 


As we cannot access your file or confirm information relating to it on the forum,  we can only refer you to the technical support team so that verifications can be completed: