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Calls from Quebecor?


I received three calls from Quebecor. I thought that it might be someone trying to sell me a newspaper subscription or, to poll me about the upcoming election so, I did not answer the call and they did not leave a message.

I have now come to realize that this was Videotron calling. may I suggest that if Videotron wants to call a client that they should ensure that the call display reads " Videotron" and that the person or, machine leaves a message on the voice mail. 

If I may also suggest - if you are going to email a client, it would be best to use the name of the account holder instead of "Dear Customer". In the past, I have received false emails that looked to be from Videotron. In this age of phone and internet fraud, phishing and scams, many of us are now very suspicious.



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Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hi QueenE,


Those calls are not, unfortunately, from Videotron. They are indeed from the Journal de Montréal to sell you a subscription. There is alas nothing we can do about those specific calls on our end. Newspaers are allowed to call for subsription even when your number is on the CRTC's no-call list.


As for the emails, we always advise caution. Even if it seems trustworthy, it is better to go the long way through the official website than to click on email links. The exception would be when you are 100% sure that the sender is trustworthy. Official Vidéotron communications should always be from an address, as opposed to our customers' domain.


I hope this clears things up. Thank you for making this community a lively one!