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When you Renew your contract be aware don't believe to what you hear from agent


My package:
Wireless and Home Internet
My contract will be completed on June 19, on May 12, I called the customer service department to ask what kind of deal I can get today! I was transferred to the satisfaction department and received the deal that I accepted, on May 16 I received my contract, where I see my new plan for phones, but the home Internet has not been updated, and it expires on June 19, I will need to pay the full amount for the Internet without a discount !!! I tried several times to contact customer support, the satisfaction department, the answers were HORRIBLE, one told me that I did not update my Internet package, and if I'm not satisfied, I have 30 days to cancel everything, a super response from agent, the day after another agent from the same department, told me that she would take care of me and she would call me back in two hours, after 4 hours I found myself again calling the satisfaction department !!! !
I was called back after 5 hours, they told me that I was going to receive the package, as promised, but I have to pay extra money, NOT acceptable !!! In other words, I have to pay for agent error !!!!
I do not believe that this happened to me, I have been a Videotron client for 4 years, I was so pleased with the service!

I feel that first agent rep blatantly lied to me !!!!


Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert



Sorry to read that you are not satisfied with the service you received. We will contact you in private.


- Yannick