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User Centre + widget not auto updating (Android)

I've got the User Centre + data widget (consummation 4*1) on my home screen and it doesn't seem to update this normal? Even if I tap the widget which takes me to the app's data status screen, it still won't update to match the app's info. My mobile data is always on, wifi often, data saver off, phone & storage permissions enabled. P30 Pro on Android 9.

Super utilisateur
Super utilisateur

Seems you have the version of the user center that released too early with the widget as is it not yet officially released.

Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hi mcrootay. We strongly suggest you reach our technical support department so they can verify this app, what version you have and what can be done to fix it: < >. Have a good day!

Chatted with tech support, they said the issue with the data widget not updating is on theirs (Videotron's) side