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Problem with mms


I have an unlocked Lg g8x from SPRINT. It works great except with mms. Strangenly, I can send and receive mms to some people, and can not do it with other people. In the latter case the message is hanging and I can see sending... , but this sending never ends. This happens even with other clients of Videotron.


I played with all settings, and cleanings, nothing worked. I even put the phone to factory default , that did not resolve the problem.


As a test, I put my sim card in another cell phone, and everything works properly, So, definitly a problem with Lg phone.


Any suggestion welcomed.


Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Good day.


Please make sure to reset the network settings of your phone and try again. If the issue persists, verify that the APN in your phone settings are configured properly. Here's a link to setup the APN on your phone :


If you're still experiencing issues after this, we suggest that you contact our technical support. You can join us here :