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Partner network data connectivity issues


Partner network data connectivity issues

When I roam on to a partner network (usually partner1), i sometimes get a "x" on my signal bar. it works for text and phone calls, but not for data. I have to restart my phone 5-6 times before the "x" goes away and the data works. I have a Nexus 6P and it is fully up to date. What is going on?

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We wrote you a private message asking for your contact information because we would like to make some verifications with you about this situation.


Thank you for your understanding,


Josée C.



I'm a new Videotron customer and am now having the exact same issue. I chatted into tech support who told me I may need a new sim card. They said customer service could mail me a free sim, and transferred the chat. Customer service chat said they couldn't, and that I need to call "satisfactions". 


Any other ideas? Last I called there was a long wait time and this has been a tiring experience. Thanks

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Hello Melissasu!
We have sent you a private message in order to assist you more effectively with this situation. 


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I am having issues as well connecting to PRTNR1 when I visit my parents. All 4 of us on the same account, same plan, cannot get data with full bars of service? Also, my parents who are on our account could not get mobile data access in the Stratford, ON area when visiting family this past weekend. To confirm, all of us have data roaming turned ON on all of our iPhones. This is unacceptable!

Will it be possible to know the reason for this, if it is recurring or not and a general solution for those of use who might experience this when moving out of coverage area?

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Hi Webjunkie, we would like to investigate this situation but we will need your informations in order to give you a better support. Please answer to our private message. Thank you. 

I’m also having this issue. Just south of Ottawa I have no data! I was told that I would have no issues with coverage.

I also experienced this last night. It was the first time I have roamed to Partner1 since I have my new phone (a Oneplus 6) and was getting an indication in the Android App Phono which gives system data on your phone and network that "SIM data was off". I was able to connecto to voicemail while in this state and I never had an issue with this on my old phone which was a Samsung Note 4 but I did get a new SIM for my new phone as it uses a nano vs. a micro SIM. I have confirmed the APN on the phone is configured correctly as well.

I have the same problem.  Soon as I leave the Videotron network area, whether I am on the 401, Toronto, or in the US, as long as it's some partner network, I lose mobile data connection.  Sometimes if I restart my phone, I get data back.  But after a while it would drop again.  I don't want to have to restart my phone repeatedly to use mobile data when not on Videotron.  It is very inconvenient.  Can someone help please?

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