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No data on PRTNR network

Why is it whenever I go up north I have intermittent coverage. The internet works for a few minutes then it just stops working. Sometimes it shows 3g or E but sometimes it still shows 4g but nothing works. It seems to be some kind of network issue with the PRTNR network where there is good signal but it just stops accepting data after a few minutes.

Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hello zkzkz !


In order to allow our customers to use mobile service even when they are not in an area connected to our network, we have a partnership with other members of the industry. However, in order to access this network, our customers are subject to certain rules :

- More than 50% of the total monthly consumption must be made on Videotron’s network for Voice and/or SMS (MMS) and/or Data uses.

- If more than 50% of the total usage is made on the extended coverage (PRTNR2), for any of the mentioned uses, for 3 consecutive months (billing periods), an expanded coverage network access block (PRTNR2) will be applied for a one-month period. 


In order to better serve you, we invite you to communicate with us via one of the following communication channels: Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, our live chat (https://videotron. com/us-join) or by phone at 1-877-512-0911.


Have a great day !