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Moving to BC

Hi I am a student in Ottawa and finishing my degree next year and I recently got a Videotron phone plan for 2 years contract. I was wondering what would happen to my bill, i have heard that if i live for more than 3 months out of the home area then the connection is cut. I am planning to move to vancouver downtown. Any help would be appreciated. 


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Technically if you are roaming on Rogers network (shown as Videotron PRTNR 1), you should be fine.

It’s when you roam on bell or Telus (PRTNR 2) that your usage might be limited.

Do essentially check if there’s some good Rogers coverage where you will be.
Also, make sure to have some kind if written confirmation form videotron about this... go and the chat and ask the question. Send the discussion by email (you have the option to do it at the end).

That said, you will have to keep your Ottawa number.