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LTE Speeds


My LTE speeds have been really slow lately (web pages don't load etc), I never ran speedtest on it in the past as I never had issues so I didn't know what it was. What should I bet getting now in the Ottawa area? I am getting 20mbs to 70mbs over the course of the day. Is this what is expected, and if so, why would I be experiencing so much slowness over the last couple weeks only? 


Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hello AdamW,

Your LTE speeds can vary depending on the exact location in Ottawa, and the number of people that are trying to have access to those services at the same time. If there is an unusually high ammount of people in the area all trying to use their mobile Data, you could experience some slowness. Try to compare your speeds to those of others , also using the Videotron network. At 20 MBPS, however, you should have no problem loading pages . We would recommand that you restart your device, and if the problem persists, feel free to contact our technical support team for some help with  troubleshooting your device.


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