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identify owner of the lost phone

For whatever reason unknown to me, there was a iphone inside my vehicle. It is locked with a passcode and the provider is videotron. I tried different ways to identify the owner (via the methods according to the google search) without success. I contacted the videotron via phone and even went to the store to see if they can help. All they said is they cannot help me as the sim card is not active. I wonder if there is a archived database that the videotron can use to identify the owner of an inactive sim card. the IMEI is not lost nor blacklisted.



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Super utilisateur

There is a small chance looking up the sim # or the IMEI might pull up a client file.

If the SIM really is innactive, putting it in your own phone won't do much.

I just did it! I put that simcard in my phone and go to the "Contact" and the original telephone is shown (514) area code. I am happy and I think I can finally track the owner down unless he or she changed the number! I think when I bought the car from the Ottawa used car dealership, the original from Montreal did not realize the phone was under the carpet. It was in April, 2018!