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How many mobile lines can my account have?

I’ve got 6 lines on my account (taking advantage of the multi-line discount). I read a couple years ago that 6 is the max amount of lines you can have in one account. I just want to check if that is still true? I have some family members that would like to also join videotron and I’m wondering if I can add them to my account (with their own plans) or if I’m maxed out and they have to start their own family account?

Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hello jadaou, 


Indeed, the maximum is 6 mobile lines in a same account. 


Thank you ! 

Thanks for the reply.
I actually went to a kiosk today and was told I can add more lines. Apparently the limit is related to how many devices, but since all of my 6 current lines are BYOP I can apparently add more lines.
I didn’t actually add the lines though since I didn’t have the people transferring their lines with me.
So are you sure the maximum lines is 6. The kiosk person was just mistaken? I guess I’ll know for sure when I go with everyone and they try and actually add the lines.