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Early contract renewal, 0$ device balance

Hi All, I recently found out that I have a 0$ device balance, with 9 months left on my contract. (My plan was higher than the minimum required, by my conbtract).


I was told by an agent at Videotron that I could renew my contract early, for free, no charges or penalties. Great, or so I thought.


I went to a videotron store and was told I could, but would have a 318$ penalty for breaking the contract. Called back Videotron, new agent says I have a penalty. Other agent blatantly lied to me, and almost cost me hundreds of dollars on the misinformation.


Now, all Videotron wants to offer me for the false Info is 30% off my penalty as a "sorry", when the standard discount on early renewal is that exact 30%.


I was told when I got my phone 15 months ago that my penalty would only be the device balance, now it seems it's the device balance, plus contract months left. What are my legal rights for the false information?


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I never heard of this 0$ balance thing for any contract with Videotron.

What you have to pay back is very simple... it’s the rebate you got on the phone divided by 24 months X number of remaining months in your contract.
Usually if you renew within 3 months of the end of your contract, there’s no penalty.
So if you have a 318$ for 8 mints remaining, it essentially means that you got a rebate of $850 on a new device.

Check your contract... all details are there. If you don’t have a copy, you can request a copy to be sent by email.

I'm curious to know, has the phone always been on the same file or did it move from one files to an other?