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Does the new Canada-US Without Borders premium plans include Hawaii?


The term and condition in Videotron website doesn't exclude the Hawaii.


"The Canada-US Without Borders plans include unlimited local and long-distance calls to anywhere in Quebec and the rest of Canada, in addition to a US Travels privilege. The US Travels privilege can be used to make calls, send text messages and access data included in the customer's plan while travelling in the United States for a maximum of 120 days per year, calculated at the starting date of this plan."


However, it excluded in the fineprint of any documents sent by Videotron to customers.


"The United States refers to the continental United States, call made or data used while in Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, or Mexico or calls made to these destinations are not included".


If call to Hawaii is included in the new Canada-US Without Borders plan then Videotron should remove Hawaii from the fineprint for any documents send to customers. 


Hi there. The documentation I received when I signed up specified that Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico were excluded from the Canada without borders plan (signed up as of July 2018). However, I just returned from Oahu in January 2019 and can confirm I used my data while there (Google Maps was much faster than my portable GPS unit) and I did not get charged a cent in roaming fees. Definitely worth the switch to this plan. 

I'm not going to Alaska, Porto Rico or Hawai anytime soon... 

but that said, when searching for these regions on Videotron's pages, there's no distinction betwen USA and these regions... it looks like that they are considered part of the USA. 


This is the information that applies to the US daily pass... I guess it's the same information for the Canada/USA plans... 


US Daily Traveller Pass
Eligible destinations:
Including Hawai, Porto Rico, USVI, Alaska. Verify your plan's conditions. You may already be benefitting from the option to use the services included in your plan while roaming in the US, in which case you will not be billed for using them.