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Apple Watch Serie 4 Vidéotron ?

Why is Videotron ignoring cellular support for the Apple Watch? We are very happy with our Videotron cellular account and service but my wife and I both want cellular support for our Apple Watches. Are we going to have to move to another provider in order to have that service? Even if we knew cellular support was coming, we might wait rather than leave Videotron It seems there are other customers seeking the same solution.

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This has been discussed multiple times here on the community and also on social media... always the same answer... thank you for your comment... sadly not very helpful.

True, I was aware of several previous postings in this issue. Still there has been no mention of any possible resolution so I was inclined to raise it yet again. Perhaps repeated demands will ultimately impact on their plans for (watch) cellular support. can’t hurt! Cheers

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For the past few months, I’ve been sending a tweet to Videotron asking when Apple Watch, eSIM and ipv6 will be supported. I always got the same answer... no news for now thank you for your comments.