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Android November security patch still unavailable

Hi there, Google pixel 3 user here. Google has rolled out the November security patch and many users online have it installed yet it does not appear when I scan for an update. A common response some have been posting is that the carrier ie Videotron in this case delays the update roll out. Can someone confirm if this is in fact the case? These updates should be available over the air as soon as Google releases them especially if you have a pixel / Google device.

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I don't think that Videotron has any reason to hold out the security patch on this device...

they might do it for some devices where VoLTE and Wifi calling areenabled... but these feature are not yet available with the Pixel 3.


Usually, updates are not available instantly to all users... it may take a few hours before it's available to everyone. Release is "gradual"... so if something bad happens, Google can stop and fix the update right away. 

It's my first android phone in a while so this phased roll out we're seeing even on pixel devices is unusual for me. The update has been available by Google since yesterday but still not appearing OTA on my degice.

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I guess you are coming from an iPhone... 

iPhone updates is available to everyone within a few minutes when released. 


With Google, yes proviers can hold out updates... but even without that, it may take a few hours for everyone to get the updates. 

And this is with Google phones... with other brands, it may take a few weeks, months or never to get the latest version of the security patch or Androis OS updates.