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When your children out smart you...

I’ve set my children up with downtime timers on the Helix Fi app. Only issue is my daughter can get on and change her downtimes, unpause her devices and she’s even renamed her devices and assigned ours to hers… to the point I ended up turning my own off. What’s the point of having this if they can get on and do this? It’s funny yes…but not at the same time. I gave her props for being smart but at the same time she needs to have limits set. What can I do to stop her from doing this again? She won’t tell me how she gets on.

Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hello Kalley ! We recommend that you change your password for My Account. This way, all devices connected to the Helix Fi app will be disconnected and she won't be able to login unless you give her the new password. Good luck !


- Gabriel P.