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Videotron sent my file to collections. I have never missed a payment/bill in my life!


I received a letter yesterday from a collection’s agency called GCQ that I owe Videotron 129 dollars and haven't made a payment since Nov 2020. This is entirely absurd and unacceptable.
Videotron never sent me any bill or a notice and directly sent my file to collections. Who does that?! At least send me a notice first! 
After talking to two reps and spending an hour of my workday trying to explain the situation to them, they told me that this happened due to a system error on their part when I converted my regular account to HELIX. Apparently, they forgot to update the add-ons and make adjustments and I actually don't owe them anything. 

They got in touch with the collections company and have closed my file. But, if this affects my credit negatively in any way, I will take a legal action against the company. 
Furthermore, receiving a collections letter is insulting and unacceptable where I come from. I have never missed a bill payment in my life and have a good credit history. 

This is harassment! I demand a written apology and compensation for wasting my time and causing stress.


Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hello Akkan,


We apologize for this situation. Since we can't access your account from here, we invite you to contact us in private via Facebook or Twitter and leave us your informations so that our dedicated team can call you back and verify the situation with you.

Thank you!