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Using Helix with Google Nest


We are getting the Helix tomorrow and I was curious to know if anyone sees a difficulty running two wi-fi networks.


Network 1: The Helix Router, mostly for fixed devices: basement TV, light switches of the house, 


Network 2: Google Nest: I want to run a Cat-7 cable to the main level and install 3 Google Pods, which I have already purchased. Each pod would have a connection to a cat-7 direct to the router. 


Network 2a: also thinking of running a cat-8 cable to the pool (50 feet away) and bring a google pod with me as needed. 


any views welcome. 




I just left my helix gateway transforming the coax cable to internet and then using the Ethernet cable to give internet to my google nest wifi. I only use the google network for all of my smart home devices and my family devices because it has 2 floor coverage without reducing my speed. I am not sure for everyone else but for me I am using one google network with no issues.