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unstable helix wifi connection

My laptop keeps losing its connection to our home network, forcing me to restart the computer each time to regain access to the internet. This issue only happens on this network and this is the most recent device in our household, which should have the most up to date tech. Once acquired, the connection may last from a few minutes to a few hours with no apparent pattern. Other devices on the network do not seem to have this issue, and since the helix tech doesn't see a reason for it he decided it has to be a problem with my device and won't help. What could be causing this?


I assume your laptop is in the same room as the Helix modem or you have tried to place it in the same room? I would definitely check the drivers of the wireless card try and update them from the manufacturer, if you have windows 10 check if any recent updates were done,  also verify if the wireless card is good for the 5GHZ channel bandwidth  802.11ac or 802.11n if not note that the Helix Gateway does have the 2.4Ghz but again it depends on your network card stability,  and if all else does not seem to work too well try and purchase a 5ghz WiFi Adapter (usb from amazon) and see if it improves the connection.