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SPAM EMAILS - Videotron email account

Lately over the past few weeks I have been receiving so much spam to my videotron email that I have never had over the many years


Is anyone else seeing this? 


I have been forwarding them all to the spam-filter email address for Videotron, my junk mail filter in Outlook cannot be set any higher. 

How do i change my email address within Helix customer Centre, since there does not seem to be much other workaround? 



I have this same issue, since last week or two spammers doubled down their spamming into my email and feels like there's no end to it. They dodge the spam filters because their email subjects are all spaced, like this: Notification  U r G e N T

@jonz66 Exactly and i spoke Tech support and they commented not much they could do they would sort of monitor the situation and told me to go and look for a 3rd party spam filter app (which they were not permitted to recommend anything) waste of time but i don't know if you noticed Outlook has stopped bringing in those spam emails and everything is on the videotron webmail .. so this is definitely something on their server side with their junk mail filtering not working .. I keep sending them to via the webmail as an attachment and mark them as spam. I had to remove my videotron email from my cell phone as the emails kept coming in uses data ..  

I reported this issue as well on this french forum, and soon enough the spamming has sort of stopped since a day or two.  I wonder if somebody has taken a look into the issue, what a relief if it's the case. 

Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hi nmanstavich! We strongly suggest you reach our technical support for a follow up:


Thank you!