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Need help finding a device in helix app

My teenager managed to go on my Helix app and modified his devices (phone and laptop) so I can't recognize them and can't pause them anymore. He changed the logo (so it's not a phone logo anymore) and the name of his device to a random number. I have around 28 devices that are connected to our wifi at the moment. Is there any way I can find his devices without having to try them all until I find his? Thank you! 🙂


Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Good afternoon. Unless you try them one by one, there are no other possibilities. You could try to factory reset the gateway and then you would be able to see the devices and reconnect them ( or not ). If you need assistance  for this, we can reach you in private and we will safely access your account  for our verifications. Thank you! 

Change the router name and password and the change the ssid name and/or password. Your kid will have to ask you for that password and don't give him the router name and password.

He probably just assigned on his phone a private mac address which created another device. Because of password sharing features (can’t be disabled) he reconnected and you - at best - will be notified only