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Internet constantly going in and out

Around 8-11 pm my internet every 3-4 minutes will go in and out and for about an hour these past few days. Is there a possible solution to this or is this due to COVID19 or an outage? I have tried resetting my modem/router, ethernet cables are fine. This has happened a couple of times before but never for this long and never more than one day.


My internet connection with COMWAVE has been MIA for two weekends in a row now. Beginning at about 7:00 pm on Friday and then restoring before Monday 9:00 am. I haven’t been able to reach COMWAVE customer and or technical support, but I have spoken twice with Videotron’s tech support. Since I already have TV and home phone with Videotron, I was thinking about switching my internet to Videotron as well.
Have you been able to resolve your problem? Since I’ll continue to work from home for probably the entire summer, I can’t afford to switch service providers if the service isn’t consistent. If your problem was resolved, would you mind sharing how?
Many thanks gloooooo!

Similar problem here.
I leave the physical office early to pickup my wife so that she doesn’t have to take public transit. Connection is fine most of the time when I get home but around 5PM, the connection goes way south. Pings around 1500ms, 2000+ if it’s really bad, 300-500ms if I’m lucky. Resetting the modem 4-6 times works, but only sometimes.