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Helix Pod 2.0 connect hardwired (Backhauk)

Videotron indicates that Hardwiring the POD to the main Helix unit is not possible. I have read that the originator of the pods HomePass/Plume have that ability; however the other main user of these in the US Comcast does not (however it is supposedly in their roadmap).  


Will Videotron implement this feature? I understand the Mesh concept to most people it is acceptable, however there are many that need to hardwire due to physical restrictions. 


For these to be true Access Points Videotron needs to implement the feature to hardwire the PODs to the main unit.


Thank you.


Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hello ajfferson!


Connecting the Helix Pods to the Gateway with an ethernet câble is possible and should work, however, it is not how they were designed to work and doing so may cause issues with the network. As a result, this configuration is not supported and not recommended.


I hope this helps!




It does not work.  When you try to do it the POD goes offline.


As I indicated above Comcast (which Videotron copied) does not support it yet however the creator of the technology does support it.


I know it is not supported now but will Videotron in the future?