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helix modem forces wifi setting changes

its the fourth time i have to factory reset my modem because of this

at home i use an hidden ssid setup on the wifi, with no password for convenience and ease of setup when i have visitors. but every so often helix decides to update it itself, with a bogus password and Wep2, graying out all options on the wifi, attempting to "force" me to use a , literally, useless password. even tough im logged as the administrator of the device, the controls are literally locked.

this is not something that should be happening to begin with, and is especially infuriating that im forced to go trough a whole 15 mins process of ressting up everythign to fix it. is there any way to prevent it.


and, today, i've factory reset the helix modem, and it still is not letting me change my settings.bum.JPG


as ytou can see its outright grayed, i cannot interact with it.

I feel you @sunnykins .  I gave up trying to get port forwarding to work on my Helix-Fi piece of junk as a router.  I set it up in pass-through mode and installed my own TP-Link router which gives me the features I want, is stable and I can configure in a reasonable way, like without having to use the junk Helix Fi android app.