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Faster upload speed


I've posted this topic multiple times, and I will continue to do so until Videotron I hear any sort of acknowledgement from Videotron.


Currently, upload speeds are capped at 50 mbps. This is unacceptably low for 2020, especially in a world where many professionals are forced to work from home given the current pandemic. When working a job that requires me to regularly upload artifacts that are several gigabytes in size, an operation that would take a few minutes in office takes closer to 30 minutes at home.


It's not a matter of missing the technology, since DOCSIS 3.1 has started deployment 4 years ago. It's not for lack of competition, since Bell offers 1 gbps symmetric. It's not a matter of business vs personal, as I've looked into getting a business line for faster uploads, with no luck. At this point, I don't understand why Videotron is lagging behind on their speeds this badly.


Upload is only going to get more and more important. Ideally, we'd be able to get symmetric gigabit from Videotron, but even increasing the upload speed to 200 or even 100 mbps would be a huge improvement.


Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Thank you for your suggestion. We establish our packages according to the usage observed by our users, the packages are therefore established for a residential use.

We invite you to contact the business service in order to check for a package meeting your needs.


Have a good day!

I've replied to you on the French thread as well, but I'll make the same reply here


I've contacted the business department several times to inquire about getting faster upload. Every time I did so, I was told that 50 mbps is the cap for business lines as well, and that's that.


I understand that the packages were made for the requirements of most residential situations, but those have changed drastically over the past few years, and even moreso over the past half-year. As it stands right now, there is no option for professionals working from home, with or without a business internet plan, to get more than 50 mpbs upload. Content creators working from home face the same limitations.


However, if I was given false information when I called in at the business line, and getting higher upload speeds is possible, by all means let me know.

I want to play the GTA 5 mobile game with my friends but my internet is slow!

Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hi technologywell. If you find your connection to be slower than usual, please reach our technical support, they will take a look at your current package, your modem and router: < >. Thank you! 

So badly needed!!!!!  Have you looked at switching to Bell?

Is this a joke? Because we are FORCED to work from home and FORCED to pay for our services that we use normally for home consumption, you want to FORCE us to buy the business packages in order to alleviate the cap limit you put in place that is already below the similar service by Bell? That's Videotron's best answer? Not something like "We value our client's expectations and strive to give the best service at the best price and to be the best services company in Quebec (Because in Canada, you are not present). We will look at how we can provide a better value to our clients.


You know, 400/50 is THE only option for Helix clients... There is no higher tier... we cannot GET a better service because your best service is just a bit under par. However, the response to @lp0101  issue is very much sub par. 


I suppose we'll have to go back to Bell to get SOME speed... I know their service sucks... but to be honest, since Helix happened... i'm not convinced that Videotron's service is much better.


What you need to understand folks... is that the bid Videotron makes is to erase Illico, move everyone to Helix and try and compete a little better with Bell's offering... However the backbone of Videotron just isn't capable to provide gigabit internet to all it's clients. If 25% of Videotron's clients chose gigabit ... the backbone would collapse. Bell has a resiliency of 50% at this point. You just need to make sure you never need to call them for help.


I have a commercial account, the upload is limited to 50 mbit / s. Helix is not available for commercial use. The thing I notice is the videotron latency is slower than Bell ..... this is a big deal as I have my own server and my client complains that the access time is slow. My server is plug directly to the router ....  I live on the south shore of MTL, 5 minutes from Mtl and no fiber is available on my street ... but they connect the fiber to St-Jean in a corner of the countryside ... I don't know who decides on the fiber connection at videotron but it should prioritize people not far from big cities instead of the countryside. It is certain that if Bell come with its pure fiber in my street then I will switch all my services.

I hate bell and have had bad experiences with them plus all our phones have been with videotron for years so I really hope they do something about this because it's getting ridiculous. I work in videoand TV professionally and often have to upload hundreds of gigabytes of files and this would absolutely speed up my day to day.