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Does Helix support VPN


Does Helix support VPN

I am very interested in subscribing to Helix. However, i am required to install my company VPN on my router, regarding my various corporate electronic devices. With my former provider, this was not an issue. Will it work with Helix? As i researched that it did not work on the previous zyxel router? Thanks


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It's unfortunately not possible to set-up a VPN directly in the Helix Gateway. But you're free to use any personal routers, which could include VPN features.

Thank you for the reply. Would this router replace the Helix Gateway, or would it be an addition to it? Is it as simple as just connecting a different router to the Helix Gateway? Thanks


So what was the answer? Do you need another router? How do you know which router to buy? How does it work with Videotron’s Helix equipment?

Moderator, can you please help out with my request> Require an answer asap in order to contune working from home during this period. Pleasea advise!

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Hi! We're sorry for the late answer. 

You can plug any router that you want -into- the Helix Gateway. The Gateway then acts simply as a modem. You will need to set the Gateway in "bridge mode" for this to work. Then you'll be set!

Thank you moderator for the reply. 1 more qucik question, is this the same concept for the Zyxel router as well, or does this setup you suggest only work with the new Helix.




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Hi @ftlexi2003,


This solution is mainly applicable for the Helix gateway since this device combines the functions of a modem and a router . The bridge mode will deactivate the router functions. With the legacy internet service, both modem and router are separate devices so there is no need. Although you can connect a second router to the Zyxel, it is preferable to use your personal router connected directly to the cable modem instead. 


Im very dissapointed that the Helix gateway does not support VPN. Esspecially since you cant rent the equipment anymore.

In 2 years, ill be the proud owner of a very expensive basic proprietary router.


Can the firmware on the gateway be updated to accommodate VPN?


The Helix experience has been very dissapointing... You cant channel surf your own package channels, have to purchase out side of videotron useless proprietary equipment. 


Maybe im wrong? Can you use this equipment for anything else other than helix?

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Hi @danmitch1! The use of the gateway is only possible on the Helix platform.   VPN support or firmware updates to enable this feature are not currently available but we certainly take note of your interest in this matter and will forward it all to our team who compile requests to improve our products and services.


We will include the channel change with the CH Up / Down keys  in this request. In the meantime, you can however go through the program guide and filter the content to display only the channels in your package.

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