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Business landline - Call forward on busy

Can anyone confirm if call forward only on busy is supported on the business landlines, even if an 'add-on' needs to be purchased?


Customer support has told me 'no', but I want to reach out to the community to make sure that this is the case. It seems pretty odd that such basic functionality is not offered.


As documented here, this is supported on mobiles. I can't find any reference to landline support for this functionality.




Super utilisateur
Super utilisateur

Hi Gbro115, 


Try this : 


How do I use Call Forwarding?


Enter *949 to forward a call to an external number (must be active in your services).
Enter *94 to forward a call to an internal number.
Wait for the dial tone.
Enter the number to be redirected.
Hang up.
Enter *70 to activate Call Forwarding. When it is no longer required, enter *71 to deactivate it.


I found it on this page :


Good luck 🙂 !