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Videotron rarely an option for watching online content

Was hoping to catch a show on but when going to log-in to watch their content, Videotron is unfortunately not a service option.  Sure enough Bell and Rogers are, but Videotron? Not so much.  Not the first time I have had this problem and even feel like I have only been able to access Global shows online via Videotron.  So whilst they are consistently raising my prices every year they are rather glaring not providing me with the same services as their competitors.  I would have thought in an age of increasing online viewership, they would be more on their game here.  Makes you question your service, especially the justifications of those already mentioned fee raises...


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @jmopnyc


Thank you for your suggestion, we will forward it to the appropriate department.


Did you know that we do offer loads of online content on our illico website here?


Most of this content is also available in the channels section on our illico mobile app: 


Our clients also have access to GO apps for the following Channels: 

  • Sportsnet
  • CNN
  • RDS
  • TSN
  • TVA Sports
  • Super Écran
  • TMN
  • WWE
  • Global
  • Treehouse
  • Disney Junior
  • Disney la chaîne
  • Télémagino
  • Family Channel
  • YTV


You will find FAQs for the corresponding channels here on our support network:


Vincent Quigley 

Your Community Manager

Come on... you just dont get it? or you just selected to ignore the issue. At least have the decency to your clients to remove the "resolved" status on this request.

The request was NOT does Videotron have the equivalent PROPRIETARY solution to watch some live TV on THEIR OWN devices.....

We pay Videotron for the TV services, AND we also pay Videotron extra for the all the hardware boxes and cables/network, etc...

The question here is..... why does Videotron DOES NOT let us use the TV services we paid on other devices like Amazone TV stick, ROKU, Android or IOS apps, etc.... the same way evry other ones like BELL or Rogers allows it.

Don't you see the difference? or just want to ignore it and still look good tagging that request as solved?


I totally agree with the above poster. I was just about to invest with ROKU only to find I would not be able use my paid Videotron services with them. Why not I ask ? That answer was NOT a solution but rather a deceitful sales pitch. Shame just get on board like every other provider. I am seriously thinking of cancelling my Videotron account as I need to be able at times to access through internet when on the road.


It is now 4 years after the Videotron guy posted the answer "Thank you for the suggestion, we will forward it to the appropriate dept." and still, nothing has changed. I can't use the CTVGo app, and I can't get CTV shows on demand, and I'm even with Helix, which is what they answered me when I was an Illico customer and I complained of the same problem with CTV app. Then I read somewhere else on the forum that Videotron seems to be at "war" with BellMedia for some reason and of course, it's us who are getting penalized. Maybe it's time to change to Bell.