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Video issues with Illico 4k terminal


For the longest time now, I have had video image issues with the 4k terminal. It happens more often on recorded programs. when I say issues, I mean these lightning quick flashes. sometimes red, sometimes white lines. both very quick, they don't last but are annoying. I know it's the box because I don't see this with my blu ray when watching a movie or anything else on dvd. At forst I thought it was the HDMI cable so I replaced that but same issue.

I also have occasional issues with recording stuff. I set my programs to record and then when I go to replay them, I see the program was recorded for only 1 minute. that happens on and off. Again, annoying. I never said anything to Videotron because I have a lot of recorded programs I don't want to lose if the solution is to replace the unit.

also, is this thing CEC enabled ? if so where would I find that cause I've been in the settings and I don't remember seeing that feature.


Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hello mjcnyg,


We can try fixing the problem without replacing the unit by reloading the OS for example. In order to proceed, please contact the support team by phone at 1-877-380-2611.