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The Walking Dead

Videotron has said that they are cancelling AMC.  Is this still the case?




Rédacteur Web

Hi @Darbie1956


We will continue to offer AMC since we have reached an agreement with them to our mutual satisfaction that responds to our regional market reality. It is thanks to a lot of effort and perseverance that we have been able to make our clients' voices heard.


Even more, you can enjoy AMC for free at position 809HD ou 209SD until february 28th. Just in time to watch the first new episode of season 8 of Walking Dead. 


If you don't already have AMC in your television package, all you need to do is contact us to add it to your line-up. 


Vincent Quigley

Your Community Manager


Can someone tell me why we only have access to TWD season 9 - episode 9 when there are 2 more available??