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Program Guide - Guide button defaults to "All Channels"

Does this happen to anyone else? Is it normal?


Equipment;  Samsung HD PVR & X8 PVR


Whenever, and every time, I turn off my PVRs, the Guide button selection reverts back "All Channels" from my previous selected option of "Favorite channels".   Seems like it doesn't remember my selection.  This means every time I turn back on my PVRs, I need to reselect my "Favorite Channels" under the Guide button.  Very annoying.


Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hi @NoobaTron!


Other filters are disabled when the Illico terminal is turned off. However, if you choose: "My package channels " or "All channels", the filter will remain effective. 


Instead of using the program guide, another workaround would be to press on the remote's MENU key and select "My favourite channels" above "My illico" to enable the favourite channel filter again. Alternately, while it does not affect the guide's filter, the remote control's FAV key will allow you to change positions between each of your favourite channels.


Have a good weekend! 


Thank you for the info.


Maybe in a future software update they might include all the selections as active filters so that terminal remembers if pre- turnoff selection.


Not sure if there is a forum where users can input their suggestions for software update to the actual programmers.


Thank you once again.