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Ok I do not understand why I can not access the CTV go app


I am trying and trying to understand and find out how to watch the ctv streaming app. There is not even a place for videotron users to log in from on the site. Is that normal? Before I switched to Helix I was able to watch CTV shows from my Illico box. Now I can not. Can someone please explain what I am doing wrong?


Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hi! While Videotron subscribers are currently unable to log into CTV's own streaming service, you should most definitely have access to their on-demand content on your Helix terminal. Press on the "Helix" button, go to "On-demand", navigate to the right to "Channels". You will then be able to select "CTV" and see their on-demand content. Else, you can also do a voice search for your favorite show and see if it's available on-demand.

This being said, you can also access on-demand content from lots of channels online through the website or through the Helix mobile app.

Need to check the machine's settings to allow access?

Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hi RosalieRay. Regarding certain Go apps, like CTV Go for example, Videotron needs to have a deal/agreement with Bell media. If this were to happen, we would inform our customers for the availability of CTV Go with Videotron. Thank you.

This is a shame this war between Videotron and Bell. At the end, the subscriber is penalized by these juvenile behaviors . This is why crtc should deregulate the market and open it to independant iptv provider. This is why streaming is more interesting. Videotron and Bell are still relic from the 60's. You still need a cable box to get their service in each TV. Are you aware you can have an app directly on the TV?
open the market. It's easier to have a vpn connect to US to access precious tv episodes. When i will be force to use Helix, i will leave videotron. This already obsolete technology is incompatible with an home office.

Not entirely true. I have Helix and although I can find it in the list of on-demand channels, there is virtually NO on-demand content for CTV like 4 shows with only 1 episode each, which happen to be airing on the current day.

hi, just let you know there not CTV channel on helix on demand. Why you give that wrong information. 

Thank you


Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hi Jean-Luc, 

As we previously answered, there is indeed an on demand CTV channel on your Helix service. You can access it by pressing on the "Helix" button of your controller, go to "On-demand", navigate to the right to "Channels". You will then be able to select "CTV" (or go to the alphabetical search and choose ''#-C'') to see their on-demand content. 

If you need more assistance, do not hesitate to contact our customer service or technical support, we will be happy to help you. Yo can find our contact information here:

Have a nice day!

How long does it take to negotiate a deal with CTV? Been over 2 years and no deal yet.
No Apple TV app

No Airplay

No Bell channels available when away from home
Not all APPS have Videotron as a provider for us to register on their apps.

Might be time to move on to another provider.

There are no CTV channels/shows at  

Unfortunaly, my sister juste got the "deal" from Videotron to switch over to Helix.. Deal seems good until you realise that you don't have a remote or a terminal, you have to live stream on your phone or tablet, which is a drag if you have a 4k 65" tv... So make sure you read the fine print..

Not true! Took me a while but I found it….and when you click on CTV they offer THREE shows. Greys anatomy, young Sheldon and rookie blue…LOL. Videotron doesn’t care about English tv or customers for obvious reasons.


This is a joke. Offering 3-4 shows on their "CTV on-demand" channel is more insulting tôme than not having the channel at all. A real slap in the face. And they keep giving that BS that they don't have a "deal" with Bell and yet, we can use the CTV app to watch the current episodes of  most shows. Some shows, like soaps, we can even go all the way back to last September, but others, we can't watch even the one before the current one? They're not making sense. If they have the rights to show them on CTV or CTV2 and on the app, why can't they show them on Helix? 


I even called them years ago when I didn't have Helix, to ask them why Videotron was not listed as a provider on the CTV app, and the answer I was given was that I should have a Helix account and then I could see them on-demand. So a few months later, I did and lo and behold, there it was, CTV on demand, so I went there, all excited, and I only saw 3-4 shows. Like, seriously?

It’s best to subscribe Bell to watch bell media channels. Pretty decent on-demand section plus 30hr for almost every program except the scheduled slot for NFL and maybe a few other sports events too, but definitely no worry for FIFA and Masters. Does Bell channels have the full 3-day Replay function on Vidéotron?

Oddly, TVA has a large Bell on-demand section. But it seems none of Quebecor channels support 30hr Restart on Bell, with a basic playback buffer for up to 1.5h from the tuned-in time spot.