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More Questions about Channel Availability and Features

This is SIMILAR to the bilingual version under the French section, but now I also wonder if BBC World News & France 24 are still SD under Helix TV, just as the indication under

The original English post:
I'm planning to switch to Helix but wanna know more.
Firstly, I wonder if this list is accurate. It appears this list is for a legacy system.
Before when I subscribed to Bell, lots of channels, like around 50, mostly radio, aren't available to order at all despite them showing up on my guide as greyed-out, in the channel finder or PDF on their website. Most ironically, these unavailable channels include UdeM, CHUM, McGill and Concordia campus channels just a few hundred meters away from my condo, plus French channels like Radio France Internationale, ICI Tele QC and Musique MTL (few km from my residence lol), BUT Ontario users can order them.Why don't they put Putin's "Russia" Today, historical "German" and Vichy regime channels in the 40s or take off CTV and CIBL too? lmao. Do videotron has similar problems? PS: Neither CCTS nor CRTC has the authority to deal with it.

Secondly, I wonder what's the experience of Replay and Look Back? Can anyone share some comments? For example, I notice for Bell, most English channels except CBC (unless subscribe time-shift pack and watch Toronto during Olympics or Calgary channel) allows Restart. All Bell-owned channels allows this. If it's Global News or sports events on basic channels, there's a limit of the planned program length extension after broadcast. Most pure USA-enterprise-owned channels except CNN, others like TVA and LCN only allows 1.5 h playback from the time tuned in. I specifically wonder the function for niche channels OMNI, Crime+Investigation, but all channels are welcome!PS: Bell allows to fast backward from the beginning of a program into a previous time slot. Can I do the same trick with Helix?

Thirdly, it seems like Club Illico app is transferring the live TV function to Helix App. Apple TV is definitely not supported, right? Can I cast to Android TV? Helix app doesn't work on my Bell Streamer but it's Android TV.