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Message when switching to Discovery channel


I watch TV through my PC and noticed on recordings of Discovery channel, the first few seconds have a message that say "Free preview of Discovery Chan... From Oct 12 to Nov 8", I'm not adding the "...",that's how it appears on screen.


Because I only see this through recorded videos there's no way for me to press OK to see if I'd get more information (would I? or would pressing OK just get rid of the message?).


I'm mostly concerned about losing Discovery channel on November 8th as that seems like it could be what the message is trying to say.


Does anyone that uses their box "manually" have any more info about what this message means? Even if I go live, because of a delay, I can only press OK on the remote once it's too late so it's impossible for me to know what this message is trying to tell me.



Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hi Sachac, the message means that Discovery Channel is currently availble freely for all customers, even if they do not have it in their channel selection. That free preview period will end on November 8th. If you do have Discovery Channel in your channel selection, it'll remain available for you to watch. If not, in that case you'll need to add it to your selection in order to keep watching it.