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Intermittent recording

When recording an episode with a 8642hd terminal the playback of the recording is not fluid. The image and sound are missing sometimes and there is some digital pixels missing from the image. I have an example of a recording that I can send to anyone by text or email.

I was wondering if anyone had an ideas of what the problem could be.

Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert


This can be caused by a bunch of things. First of all: Does this happen on everything that is recorded? Also, does the issue continue after rebooting the terminal ? (remove the power cable, plug it back in again, the box will power on automatically and take about 5 mins to complete)

p.s.: Is your name a reference to Vulfpeck's Sky Mall? 😄

The Problem was the PVR. After changing the PVR the problem was no longer present. The following investigation and fault isolation was attempted to determine the problem.

A reboot was performed and the terminal rebooted twice. Then the image goes in and out of a channel after the reboot. A reboot was performed by power cycling the terminal PVR.

A remote signal was sent to the pvr by the videotron technician and again the terminal pvr rebooted twice on its own.

The assumption is that the hard drive within the terminal HD pvr 8642hd caused the problem. This unit was purchased new from the videotron store in 2016.

Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

If the situation persists, please reach our technical support and they will take a second look at that PVR:


Thank you and have a nice day!