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Hi Videotron!


I am very pleased with your product line up and services and (for the most part) always had a very positive experience with every level of Videotron representative (technicians to customer service agents to also the one time I had to escalate a mistake made by Videotron to a manager who also provided great service in a situation that left me very disappointed).


I am writing specifically today to recognize a specific Customer Service Agent and here's why and here might be a great opportunity for some coaching/training for staff and/or process change so other customers don't have to experience what I have up until today.


The Objective: migrate/upgrade/change from Helix TV App Light to Helix TV Light with purchase of the Helix TV Terminal


The Problem:  I had to call in 5 times and have visited 2 different store locations and was told each time that they simply could not process the order; either the store would just tell me they couldn’t process without any specific reason and refer me back to Customer Service via telephone or the call centre agent would leave me on hold for (the worst time) 42 minutes to simply come back and tell me they couldn’t process my request.


The Recognition:  Again, today another agent mentioned she couldn’t process my order after keeping me on hold for 16 minutes telling me my request as above her ‘limits’ and transferred me to your Loyalty department where thankfully I got to speak to Andy, employee ID #93201 - Andy was the only one after all this time to understand what needed to be done to proceed with the order.  In under 4 minutes, he resolved my issue and had my order placed and payment processed for my new Helix TV Light package and terminal.  He took ownership of my problem, resolved the issue with a great attitude and won a sale that 6 of your employees lost each time (almost causing me to start to look at competitors for my services since I couldn’t get a seemingly simple issue resolved - which at the end of the day, was to give Videotron more business!!


I understand my feedback/recognition for Andy here on this forum is long winded… hoping you’ll be able to take this experience and improve for the next customer in the same situation and of course, ensure Andy receives recognition for doing an outstanding job today; I really appreciated his help!


Thanks for letting me vent!  Recognize Andy!  Make your Helix Customer Portal more hands on for the customer - provide options/permissions to complete tasks that I have to end up calling customer service anyway!


Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hi @DUBPREZ and thank so much for your detailed post!  We are taking good note of it in order to improve the customer experience during contacts with our departments as well as to offer a more user-friendly navigation and more options on the online Helix customer portal. We will also be sure to congratulate Andy on his exemplary work and forward your message. We are particularly delighted to read that Andy, through the quality of his work and his know-how, has been a determining factor in being able to meet your expectations and reaffirm the confidence you have in Videotron. Have a great day!