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Helix remote control

Is there a way to browse on my favorite channel only?

To see your favorite channels only by the remote first you need to set the guide to favorites and after that while you watching a show click on the right arrow on the remote and a screen will pop on the side with all your favorites very cool feature...


To set the guide to favorties click on the bottom guide 2x then choice favorite or you can go in settings,Preferences/General and the in the list choose "Default Guide View" and there a pop up will show what you can set and after that next time you go to the guide you will only see all your favorties...



Cool!  That works for me since I'm a channel surfer type of guy and this feature will serve the purpose.  But this render the channel up and channel down buttons on the remote useless since they will always scroll through all channels (available or unavailable ones).  Thanks for the solution.