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Helix or nah?

I have an old plan with no Helix, 400g for 90$ and tv for 70$. My 70 yold mother lives with me and she watches TV while i am only on the internet. What are the pros and **blip** to switching to Helix and if i wanna change, how do i convince my mother haha. She doesn't wanna switch because she heard it's complicated and the voice thing doesn't work well. Any thoughts?


im in the same boat.  i have no reason to switch to helix cause everything i have works fine, but i like the idea of recording shows on any terminal and from my phone and watching recorded shows anywhere i want.


im not sure if that is worth it though considering i hear nothing but negative things about the service, the speed, the remote, etc.    if there are any users in love with helix after switching from illico, let us know