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Crave premium channels plus HBO


It says the Crave bundle is 20$ more on our bill, but when i check to add it, it only goes up by 5$

So can someone explain this to me please? there's a big difference between only 5$ and 20$

if it is only 5$ please let me know the conditions so i can make an informed decision.


Thank you


Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Good morning Satana, 


We are not sure we understand the situation here and would like to assist ! 


Could you please contact us in private so that we can investigate ? 


Thank you !  🙂 

Certainly I understand your concern. The $20 difference you're seeing on the bill might include other charges or taxes. The actual cost increase for the Crave bundle seems to be $5. I recommend reaching out to our customer service to clarify the details and conditions spotify blends associated with this change so you can make an informed decision.