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Channel surfing with Helix A must!


Hello, I know im not the first to complain but It cant hurt to keep this alive!


I contacted support at least 4 months ago regarding this issue and still , nothing has been done.


How can you sell a television system that doesn not allow you to surf your own channels???!!!

Im getting tierd of using the guide to look for something to watch.


I wish I took advantage of the 30day money back program cause now im stuck with 500$ worth of useless outside of a videotron environment equipment, non VPN router, and 2 tv terminals.


On a side note, can you use this equipment for anything, like the tv terminals seem to be a raspberry Pi type system, can I format them and use them to my liking? And the router.. is that useable as a router off the videotron network?



Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert



Unfortunately, the use of the gateway and terminals are only possible on the Helix platform through Videotron's network. The platform on which Helix is based works this way by default, but we can understand the inconvenience this behavior causes you to change channel positions. Helix, however, is intended to be a constantly evolving service and we take note of your interest in this operation as well as a built-in VPN support. We will route everything to the product team for continual improvement of the service. Thank you!


This is the most annoying thing, and I’m so disappointed that it hasn’t been addressed. I inquired (complained) about this issue of having to scroll/surf through every available channel almost a year ago...basically right at launch, and I was told this would likely be updated “soon”.
Such a basic feature, c’mon Videotron.


**blip** is going on with this! its been almost a year (for me) and still no proper tv surfing. This really doesn't make sense as the helix box is just a raspberry pi in a fancy case, it really shouldn't be rocket science to implement a filter (as it was on illico) to surf only your content with the up and down button without being in the guide...


To make it worse, you are locked in for 2 years until you pay off the equipment... Really.. after my 2 years is done, I think I will take my business elsewhere (been with you guys 15+ years too.. what happened to your quality?)

Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hi danmitch1. We suggest one setting that could help out while we wait for a proper filter. Press twice on the GUIDE button of the remote and then, you shall have multiple options to modify the guide. Try "Channels free to me". Thank you!

Im sorry but that is not the solution and I have been doing this already. It is nothing like surfing the channels at all.. You have successfully killed channel surfing without a proper filter OUT of the guide. 

*Videotron employee suggest to set guide preferences to Free-to-me at every session*


Sorry but this is not a solution, it's a workaround and a very bad one at that. I have to redo those steps EVERYTIME I turn the unit back on. Not only the old illico system retained my preference, but I could use the up/down arrows to surf my subscribed channels.


It's true that using the channel +/- button showed all channels, and would have to reapply the preference, but the in screen mini guide surfing retained my preference to show only my subscribed channels.


With Helix, not only the up arrow button does nothing while watching, but the in-screen mini guide (right arrow) always, at every session, shows all channels. Have to reapply my filter every time! Even if I DID configure the guide to show "Free-to-me" by default in options


Talk about regression of service!!  This insanely basic feature makes TV watching a real pain. In a world where set-top-boxes are getting more and more obsolete because of online streaming services easily available on all smart TVs, you'd think a cable TV company like Videotron would go the extra mile to make sure people stick with their services.



I got Helix this week and I am also disappointed there is no channel surfing. It is is much more enjoyable to channel surf than the guide. I miss the filter. 😞


Please get the programmers to fix this.


Thank you.