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Cancel TV Package on Customer Center


Cancel TV Package on Customer Center

Hello, how can I cancel my TV package options on Customer Center (online) without calling customer service? Even when I try to modify online, there is no option to remove the TV package, only options are to change it to other TV packages but I don't want any TV package...Please help...Thank you



Moderator - Solution Expert

Hi @k_dhillon


The Customer Center will allow you to modify the channels in your custom TV package or change the TV package itself for another one. However, there is currently no function allowing the removal of a TV package to, let's say, return to the basic cable only. Unfortunately, for this type of transaction, it is necessary to contact the customer service through there phone or chat service.    We will take note of this situation as a suggestion to improve the service. Thank you!



Do not engage them on the chat. I tried that recently and they will only tell you to call teh customer Service Line. Of course they dont want to make it easy for you to drop services. So you have to spend the time on the phone waiting to be served. I did the same thing last week. I only wanted to keep my internet. I was on hold for over 40 mins with customer service whilst I waited to have my TV removed from my account. The Service rep was very very nice and quick with answers. But I was pretty shocked at the wait time. 

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