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4k PVR Issue (recordings cut short)

Hello all.

I am on my second 4K PVR and the reason I replaced my first one has resurfaced.

PVR seems to cut some sporting events short ( stops after approx 30 minutes into a 2 hour recording).

I had the same problem with my first 4K PVR and after a few failed attempts to fix it remotely (and a waste of my time) they reluctantly agreed to send me a new one. When the tecnician arrived he told me that he had the same problem with his and that it was a known issue.

Anyone have the same problem or solution as I am not in the mood to waste more time with Videotron and may be giving Bell another try.

I have the latest firware installed.


Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert



I'm sorry to read this, and I assure you this isn't the kind of experience we'd want our customers to have.

If you don't mind, I'd like to get your info through personal message. That way, I can send it to a special team that will look into this with you from A to Z. I'm sure we'll be able to find a solution.


I will shortly send you a private message which you can answer to.



This isnt restricted to the 4K PVR, My HD PVR does the same thing. Just tonight we went to watch a recorded show and found it had recorded for only 4:57 minutes. It doesnt happen all the time but it is a recurring frustrating problem

This is a very annoying. My 4K keeps doing this as well. I called a few weeks ago and a technician seemed to fix the issue but it’s starting to happen again. So annoying when we go to watch a recorded program only to find out it cut half way through or at 10 minutes before the end. I’m tired of calling and wasting my time on the phone with videotron. There have been so many issues from my bill never being what it’s supposed to be to very slow internet and now the tv service is going. I’m thinking of making the switch to bell as well as I feel my time is being wasted on the phone trying to fix issues that shouldn’t be issues!!!


Geez is that all ?  join the club. I probably get 3-4 pvr error messages a week !  + programs cut short. Sometimes only recording a minute ! Sometimes for no reason at all, it will remove a program from my list to record. Video issues on playback of recorded programs, almost every single recorded playback has either a color flash-sometimes pink, sometimes white. A white line, a screen shake (side to side), pixel (like seeing stars), you name it. Funny thing is when just watching tv, I don't have any of those things happen. why is that ?  my home theatre tech guy says the cables. Also says those coaxial cables from the outside are never grounded-whatever that means. Why just on the playback though ?  I still can't figure it out and neither does anyone I speak to.

Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hello mjcnyg,


If you are getting these issues on recorded shows only the issue is probably related to the hard drive, either on the hardware or software side. We will contact you in a private message to get your contact infos if you want so a specialized technician can call you back to take a look.