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How Do We Install A Browser On My Roku TV?


There isn't an official web browser for Roku devices, which may frustrate you if you want to use your Roku TV to access the internet. You can still use a few workarounds to access the internet on your TV screen. You can try the following alternatives, for example:


  1. Web Video Cast: This program allows you to cast web pages and videos to your Roku TV from your Android or iOS mobile device. To explore the web and view your favorite online content on a larger screen, use your phone as a remote control. 
  2. Screen Mirroring: This function enables you to project the screen of your Windows 10 computer or Mac onto your Roku TV. Any web browser that you want can be used on your PC and displayed on your TV. 
  3. Projecting: This method is similar to screen mirroring, except rather than duplicating your Windows 10 PC screen, it allows you to extend it to your Roku TV. You may drag and drop windows between your PC and Roku TV to use them as two distinct monitors. You must, as previously indicated, enable screen mirroring on your Roku TV in order to use this feature. Next, open Notifications > Project > Extend > Connect to a Wireless Display > Your Roku TV on your Windows 10 PC.
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