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Forgetful CSR agents or, problem with the system?


I have been on the phone with Cideotron well over 8 times since last week.

Changes were made to my plans & I took notes so that I would remember what the changes were. I called back to ask another question and the next person that I talked to said that the changes were not made. This has happened now with three different changes.

Are employees forgetting to make the changes or, are the changes not registering in the system?


Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hello QueenE, 


We will send you a private message in order to get your contact information and to verify the situation with you.


Thank you very much!

LOL where/how do I find my private messages? Smiley LOL

Hi @QueenE,


You can reach the private message list by clicking on the envelope beside your name at the top right of any pages here: 




Vincent Quigley 

Your Community Manager

Crud - I did not mean to mark this as solved. I only meant to mark VincentQuigley's suggestion as solved.