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Anyone else having trouble getting boxes ship to you to return your device?


So back in march i cancelled my services with videotron and due to the pandemic I couldnt go to the store to return my devices. So a few weeks ago i received a letter in the mail with UPS shipping labels and a letter for me to return the devices.

In the letter it specifies that if you dont have any boxes to go to the following site : and fill in a form and they will ship you boxes. 


So I go on the site and fill in the form. After weeks of waiting I received this yellow envelope from planete courier with new shipping labels and no boxes. 


So I then decide to contact Videotron support via chat. The Lady on the chat says shes doesnt know what happened with the boxes and fills out another form for me. Fast forward to yesterday where i receive a second yellow enveloppe as above from planete courrier with shipping labels and no boxes. So this morning i decide to call customer service. Lady on the phone ahs no idea why i didnt receive the boxes and tells me she'll fill in the form for me again.


At this point im really frustrated and i want to know if anyone else is having the same trouble i have.


Also if anyone from videotron is reading this please contact that Courrier company and get them to get their act together as im suspecting they're the ones that are suppose to get me the boxes.


Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hi  @montreal666


We would like to investigate this further with you. Since we have no access to your account on the Community, we sent you a private message to get your contact details and follow up on this issue.    Alternately, if that is possible, you can put the equipment in the enveloppe. Lastly, you could use just any box to send the device back using the envelope label.  Thank you! 

You can now return the items to the store, no need to ship

Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert

Hi Lindsay,

At this moment, returns can be done in store only if it's after having a service ended, and only if after the 1st of July. If it's for defective devices, returns will continue being done by shipping for the moment.


Thank you!