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Videotron not honouring credit. Fraud?


I signed up with Videotron during their Black Friday promotion in November 2020. I was promised a $200 welcome credit and a $100 credit voucher to their store. When I did not receive any of the credits I contacted customer service and the Satisfaction department. I was informed that I would be getting the welcome credit but I would not be receiving the Store voucher. Apparently when the representative signed me up I was not registered to receive the credits. The welcome credit was applied to the next bill but the voucher would not/could not applied because the promotion was over. 

My issue, as it should be obvious, is that I am obligated to a two year contract but the terms for my signing (ie. Videotron’s obligation of the credit voucher) will not be honoured. What are my options? Is Videotron committing fraud? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.