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Videotron Helix

Three weeks ago I was looking to change my Internet provider to get a higher speed than 50 Mb which is what Bell can offer in my area.

I called Videotron and they told me about a promotion with 400Mb with Helix. We discussed the price and installation was scheduled in 3 days in the morning.

The day before I got a call that they re-scheduled for the afternoon and that was the 1st red flag.

After that everything went out of control.

The cable guy came and he did not have a clue about my order - he was about to install Illico with 30Mb which would put me and my wife out of business since we had already 120Mb and could barely work from home.

When I called Videotron I was told that either my identity is uncertain or my credit score and the account is locked until I will go in a point of service with 2 I.D. cards, which I did immediately but that was not enough.

I then called Equifax and they confirmed in writing that a have a good credit score and all is fine.

Today, I'm still waiting for Videotron to fix this supposed issue, after 3 weeks. 


Moderator - Solution Expert
Moderator - Solution Expert



Sorry to read that. This is not the kind of service we wish to offer. We will send you a private message.


- Yannick

I was recently contacted by someone from the Satisfaction dept. and they promised to fix the issue by the end of this week. 

We'll see !